Copan’s Story


Copan, the Bernese mountain dog, did amazing things in his very short six years here on Earth. Copan showed kindness and courage with everything he did. Copan loved to hike, was a therapy dog listening to children read books, and loved to be with his people.

Copan was faced with the battle for his life when he got diagnosed with histiocytosis cancer. Although new, cutting edge, and practiced by only a few specialist, a stem cell transplant was an option. We searched feverishly to find a litter mate to help donate stem cells for the transplant. Although we did find one, she was pregnant and unable to fly from Oklahoma to Bellingham, Washington to donate her healthy cells. Sadly on January 7, 2008, at the age of six, the aggressive cancer took Copan’s life.

After watching him go through such a terrible disease, I knew I had to do something. Copan’s Place a non-profit 501c3 was created to dedicate and developing new cancer treatments for dogs and cats. It’s through training, awareness, and development of this protocol together we will have a way to provide hope to our beloved pets facing cancer.

Amy Baklund
Founder, Copan’s Place